Spring VT Monster Fish! Great Day Fishing

Great day on the water, Rachel and I caught some spring monsters today. Rachel was just happy to be setting the hook again with a bait casting reel/rod!!Rachel‘s big bass was 5 lbs. 5 oz. and my big northern pike was 14lbs. Spring time can be an awesome time of year but the water is…

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First Day Open Water Fishing In Vermont

First Day Open Water Fishing In Vermont 5

BOOM, first day fishing open water and I catch this monster of a walleye. she swam away to continue her journey to go lay her eggs!!Caught her on Lunker City Fishing grubster 2.75 with a pro lite jig head, One of my go to swim baits for ice fishing, bass fishing, walleye you name it…

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VT Ice Fishing Is Coming To An End

VT Ice Fishing Is Coming To An End 6

Today was probably the last day on the ice for me, shorelines are getting wrecked and it’s getting wicked unsafe. Put about 10 bass on the ice today. still couldn’t find that mama northern pike.

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Reeling in the Fun: Where to Go VT Bass Fishing

vt bass fishing, fishing in vermont with VT fishing guide to catch large fish

Are you looking for a fun activity to do in Vermont? Why not try VT bass fishing? Vermont is home to some of the best bass fishing lakes in the country. Imagine basking in gorgeous views while catching the biggest fish of your life. In this blog post, we will dive into the top bass…

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Vermont Fishing Master Angler Patch

Vermont Fishing Master Angler Patch 7

Another beautiful day on the hard water!! Awesome day with the guys laughing and having good old time!! Even put the Blackstone to good use and Pops got a master angler perch. Zach did his normal show up an hour late and gets two flags on the ice and immediately starts catching fish

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Snow Dog in VT and Bass Fishing in Winter

Snow Dog in VT and Bass Fishing in Winter 8

Awesome 1st day on the ice, The snow dog is definitely an awesome piece of machinery and Rachel and I were excited to get our hands on some bass again!! Few bass on the tip ups and a couple big ones on the Jig rods!! Also found a nice school of perch.

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