David Can’t Get Enough Bass Fishing in Vermont

David Can't Get Enough Bass Fishing in Vermont 1

Just like all my returning clients, David just can’t get enough. Having multiple people go out with you more than five times a year really let’s you know what kind of guide you are. David put a 5 lbs. 1 oz. largemouth on the boat today. It was a tough day, but we had a…

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Monster Fishing Lake Bomoseen

Monster Fishing Lake Bomoseen 4

Another great day on vermonts beautiful lakes. Caught some awesome fish today and lost one monster at the boat. You don’t catch fish, I don’t get paid. #duckettfishing#neccboats#lunkercityfishing#aquaflage#amphibiaeyegear#wootungsten

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Personal Best VT Largemouth Bass

Personal Best VT Largemouth Bass 5

Absolutely amazing day. David just can’t get enough and loves fishing with me. Today, David Caught his personal best largemouth bass, and an absolute trophy. 6lbs1oz. So many bass today we lost count!! David even let me catch a big old bucket mouth coming in at just over 5 pounds. David is already booking more…

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Lunker City Deepwater Fishing Beefis Jig

Lunker City Deepwater Fishing Beefis Jig 6

Any of you that has fished with me before know that throwing a jig is probably my favorite way to catch largemouth. I’m usually dragging it in Deepwater, or skipping a dock and the Lunker City Fishing beefis jig is a winner in so many different ways.  One very important thing to me, is…

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Vermont’s Best Big Bass Fishing

Vermont's Best Big Bass Fishing 9

Another amazing day on the water. come fish with one of Vermont’s best fishing guides. you don’t catch fish I don’t get paid!!!  today was Jack’s best day of bass fishing, and he caught his biggest largemouth bass ever.. #duckettfishing#lunkercityfishing#aquaflage#amphibiaeyegear#wootungsten

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VT Big Bass Fishing With Dad & Rachel

VT Big Bass Fishing With Dad & Rachel 10

Awesome day!!. Rachel, dad and I had a small competition on the boat for biggest and most bass. Dad ended up with the biggest, his smallmouth was 4.3 and Rachel had the most bass. but her big largemouth was close to lunker 4.1 #duckettfishing #aquaflage #amphibiaeyegear #wootungsten #lunkercityfishing

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