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Trout Fishing

VT Fishing Guide: What Do Can You Fish This Spring?

Trout Fishing in Vermont with a Vermont Fishing Guide

I don’t know about you, but I am glad that warmer weather is finally here. These past couple days have been fantastic weather in the seventies and eighties. As a VT Fishing Guide, I’m loving this Spring weather for fishing. It’s almost like we skipped spring and went directly to summer weather.  In some parts…

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Five VT Fishing Guide Shallow Water Fishing Tips

VT Fishing Guide

Fishing in shallow water requires a completely different set of techniques than fishing in deep waters. As a VT Fishing Guide many of my customers are used to fishing in deeper waters. Everything from the way you cast to the lures you use will affect whether or not your catch fish that day. Here are…

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3 VT Fishing Guide Techniques To Catch More Trout

VT Fishing Guide

There is a wealth of knowledge in books, magazines and online today on how to fish for trout, etc.. Most of this information is overwhelming to a beginner fishermen. I thought it would be a good idea as a VT Fishing Guide to break down three simple ways to catch more trout that anyone can…

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5 Lake Trout Fishing Tips From A Vermont Fishing Guide

Vermont Fishing Guide

Lake Trout also known as (Salvelinus Namaycush) is a type of trout that lives in North America waters. It has over time been introduced to other countries of the world. These fish live in fresh water and are one of the most popular type of fish. This is also one of my favorite fish I…

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