What size fish might I expect to catch?

This all depends upon where we fish. We catch from 20lb Northern Pike to state record bass.


What are typical species you catch?

I specialize in Small and Largemouth Bass, Trout, Walleye, and Northern Pike. These are indigenous to the lakes and streams which I know best.


How many people do you take at once?

On the bass boat, we will accommodate up to four. On the drifter, we will take a maximum of two.


What should I bring?

I will provide everything you need. I have tournament grade equipment and keep nine rods on the boat with a full complement of tackle. The fishing gear I offer is professional and complete. You are 100% guaranteed to have everything set for you to use. Of course if you want to bring your own rod and reel you are welcome to do so. I allow 4 rods and 1 tackle box per person. You do want to bring something to eat and wear appropriate clothing. The list of what to bring is found here ____.


Will I learn how to be a better fisherman?

Absolutely. I have yet to fish with someone I could not help in some way. I will help provide guidance to great fishing spots, assist in equipment setup, coaching on casting techniques, and help you select the right tackle for all the various conditions.


Do I need a fishing license?

Yes. A Vermont license may be obtained by clicking on the link here:


What do you have for boats?

I use two different boats. I have a 2010 Bass Tracker. This is a very stable and comfortable boat with a spacious casting deck. I use this boat for tournaments. It’s an excellent boat. My second boat is a Hyde Drift boat. This is great on rivers and small lakes when trout fishing. It also is a comfortable boat that will suit our needs.


When is the best time of year to fish? Do you fish all year?

Spring and fall season is the best time to fish. Ice fishing is also a great experience during the winter season. I have a heated ice shanty with all the gear and bait needed to enjoy an ice fishing experience.


How do I pay?

A down payment ensures you can reserve the specific day you want to fish. Contact us to setup your fishing trip.


What time do we start? When do we end?

My preference is to get an early start. I can start later if you would like. Let’s talk about what works best for you. Typically, we will spend a good 6-7 hours on the water. It is best to plan on a full 8 hour day.


What about meals?

You know what you like to eat, so bring yourself whatever you like to have for lunch, beverage, and snack.

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