Happy Easter Fishing

Happy Easter all you filthy animals. May is now fully booked and June is already over halfway booked!!! Spring dates are filling up really fast and I’ve already started booking summer and fall dates good luck to all on the water this year!!! stay bent


Dates are Filling Up! Book Your Trip Today!

2024 spring dates are filling up fast!! pretty much fully booked for May and June is filling up fast. Hoping to have the boat out in the next couple weeks


Kids Fishing Rock It Ice Fishing

Another great day doing what I do best, this is the biggest fish these kids ever seen!! The excitement on their face made my day, absolutely love this job. Will the real Slim Shady, please stand up Wish we could’ve caught a few more!!!


Tough Ice Fishing In Vermont Today

Another beautiful day, had a great group of guys today!! lots of fun/laughing had and thanks for the awesome lunch you cooked up… fishing was tough again today!! for some reason I never do good during or after a full moon. We still found some fish, caught a good pile of perch and smelt!! plus…


Tom’s Bait is What They Ate!

I look forward to seeing these guys every year!! Nothing like spending two days with some cool guys. Definitely was tough fishing last two days but we Caught some fish and had lots of good laughs. Tom’s bait is what they ate. Back at it tomorrow and the next day!!!


Tuck Students Go Fishing On Lake Morey

Lake Morey was an absolute blast today had 12 tuck students and they caught some awesome fish and had an awesome time. Lots of laughing and smiles were had that’s for sure. Still have weekdays available, any lake that has northern Pike I can put you on them. Another big thanks to the sponsors!!


Catch and Release in Vermont

I catch & release 99% of the time but today i fished with a good friend Kaleb, and we kept five brown trout for the smoker. Can’t wait to try it out.


Happy Birthday Pops!

Happy birthday Pops wish you could’ve got that brown trout today you broke off, next time!! Any day with pops is a great day!!! I got lucky with Another beautiful brown trout, I just need one about 4 inches longer with the same girth.. looking for a brown trout over 10 pounds this year!!! Good…


2nd Year Ice Fishing

This is the second year these guys have ice fished with me and only the second time they’ve ever fished. So glad they put this beautiful Vermont master angler northern pike on the ice, plus a beautiful master angler smallmouth bass 19 1/2 inches


Awesome Day Fishing in Vermont


Awesome Day: Jan 23

Awesome day!! Most all my weekends are already booked now that the ice is safe, I have a bunch of weekdays available


Dec 27th Monster Ice Fishing: Look At That!


NO ICE! No Problem! Go Open Water Fishing


Getting Ready To Fish the Saint Lawrence River

Few more trips left, then I’m headed to the Saint Lawrence river. Today was another great day. The lake I fished today has been muddy ever since our big rain storm and the fish have absolutely no color at all.


This Awesome Couple Rocked It Fishing For Bass

Day 1 of 3 with this fantastic twosome, lots of fish in the boat today. Can’t wait for tomorrow. Day 2 of 3 was a little bit slower, but we put a personal best bass on the boat 5 lbs. 5 oz. largemouth. Day 3 of 3 we went looking for some northern pike for…


Bill and Chris Caught a Monster Smallmouth Bass

Today was an awesome way to end a busy week, I look forward to seeing Bill and Chris every time. today was one for the books, 2 smallmouth over 4 pounds and a 5 lbs. 3 oz. largemouth. I am fully booked for the rest of the year until I put my boat away and…


Mason and Dad Crushed the Bass Fishing Today

Great day on the water, mason and Dad crushed it today. I had big bass of the day 5lb 1oz. Live scope is definitely a serious game-changer.


Lake Bomoseen Putting Out Some Big Girls

Lake Bomoseen is putting out some big girls today. The Bass fishing is amazing.


David Is Catching Some Beautiful Bass Fish VT

Another great day with David catching some beautiful bass. If you’re looking to get out with me before I put my boat away in October, try to book soon only a few available days left.


Amazing Day of VT Bass Fishing: NonStop Action!!

It was nice to have a week off to get some cleanup done before fall. now I’m back at it, no less than 3 tours a week until the middle of October. Let’s go Amazing day today was nonstop action. #wootungsten#duckettfishing#lunkercityfishing#aquaflage#amphibiaeyegear


Did you know Amphibia is ANSI Z87.1 Rated?

Did you know that Amphibia is the ONLY ANSI z87.1 rated Floating Eye gear on the market. That is why we use them when we are out fishing with clients and at tournaments!


David Can’t Get Enough Bass Fishing in Vermont

Just like all my returning clients, David just can’t get enough. Having multiple people go out with you more than five times a year really let’s you know what kind of guide you are. David put a 5 lbs. 1 oz. largemouth on the boat today. It was a tough day, but we had a…


VT Bass Fishing, These guys killed it!

Another busy week, but these guys were an absolute blast today and we caught lots of fish. #duckettfishing #neccboats #lunkercityfishing #aquaflage #amphibiaeyegear #wootungsten


Chris and I Had a Great Day Fishing VT Bass

Over two days of fishing we pulled in a huge amount of Bass Fish from the Vermont Lakes. Can’t wait until our next trip, tournament day!


Monster Fishing Lake Bomoseen

Another great day on vermonts beautiful lakes. Caught some awesome fish today and lost one monster at the boat. You don’t catch fish, I don’t get paid. #duckettfishing#neccboats#lunkercityfishing#aquaflage#amphibiaeyegear#wootungsten


Personal Best VT Largemouth Bass

Absolutely amazing day. David just can’t get enough and loves fishing with me. Today, David Caught his personal best largemouth bass, and an absolute trophy. 6lbs1oz. So many bass today we lost count!! David even let me catch a big old bucket mouth coming in at just over 5 pounds. David is already booking more…


Lunker City Deepwater Fishing Beefis Jig

Any of you that has fished with me before know that throwing a jig is probably my favorite way to catch largemouth. I’m usually dragging it in Deepwater, or skipping a dock and the Lunker City Fishing beefis jig is a winner in so many different ways.  One very important thing to me, is…


Caught 15 Vermont Bass Today

Another beautiful day. Caught about 15 bass today.


Finally Got Pete Some Big Bass Fish

Beautiful half day on the lake. Finally got Pete on some fish, it’s been a little bit since he got to reel one in, but didn’t take long for him to get his rhythm back.


Vermont’s Best Big Bass Fishing

Another amazing day on the water. come fish with one of Vermont’s best fishing guides. you don’t catch fish I don’t get paid!!!  today was Jack’s best day of bass fishing, and he caught his biggest largemouth bass ever.. #duckettfishing#lunkercityfishing#aquaflage#amphibiaeyegear#wootungsten


VT Big Bass Fishing With Dad & Rachel

Awesome day!!. Rachel, dad and I had a small competition on the boat for biggest and most bass. Dad ended up with the biggest, his smallmouth was 4.3 and Rachel had the most bass. but her big largemouth was close to lunker 4.1 #duckettfishing #aquaflage #amphibiaeyegear #wootungsten #lunkercityfishing


Chris and Tom Catch The Big VT Bass Fish

Awesome day with Chris and Tom. Chris continues to catch the big ones with me. Tom definitely put the numbers in the boat today while Chris had a couple fat heads. Come fish with one of Vermonts Best fishing guides you don’t catch fish I don’t get paid #wootungsten #amphibiaeyegear #aquaflage #lunkercityfishing #duckettfishing


Bass Fishing Lake Bomoseen, VT – Catching Monsters

Another amazing day on the water July is fully booked, and August is filling up fast with only a few open dates left. Com Fish with one of Vermont best fishing guides you don’t catch fish I don’t get paid. #duckettfishing #lunkercityfishing #aquaflage #amphibiaeyegear #wootungsten


Fishing Lake Bomoseen, Vermont

Lake Bomoseen treated us great today one personal best at 6 pounds even and another bass hovering around the five pound mark. caught tons of other beautiful bass also. #duckettfishing #lunkercityfishing #aquaflage #amphibiaeyegear #wootungsten


Fishing Lake Bomoseen Today! Tough Day

Lake Bomoseen was very tough fishing today, I tried everything in my boat, and the fish didn’t seem to care. I definitely take it hard on myself and feel horrible even though that’s fishing sometimes. But it really bugs me when I don’t put my clients on good fishing. On another note, It was a…


Kids Caught Over 5 Pounds of VT Fish!

Another Fully packed week!! I just had to share today’s photos. 2 Fish over 5 pounds today. These guys join me every year


Me and Pops Got To Get Out Fishing!


Riker Caught A Monster VT Bass Fish!

So much fun with Riker and his father today, these guys fished with me last year and just had to come back and it was another amazing trip. Riker is one of the coolest six-year-old kids I’ve ever met and one heck of a fisherman.


VT Bass Fishing Couple Fished The Lake Dry

Another great day doing what I do best, come join me on the water for your next awesome Fishing adventure.


Cosgwell Brothers Rocked The Boat!

The cogswell brothers came back for their annual trip. They even brought a buddy along this time. Another awesome trip in the books


One of My Favorite Groups To Fish With In VT

Awesome day with one of my favorite groups, today’s was bittersweet because I’m not sure I will see them again. Christian graduated college and is headed back to California. fished with me for three years and look forward to it every trip and I will miss them.


Fun Adventure Fishing Last Weekend

Almost forgot to share Chris and i fun adventure last weekend. Thanks for the beautiful place to stay man


Fishing Lake Bomoseen Was Very Windy Today

Lake Bomoseen was very windy today, but It didn’t stop us from catching some fish, these guys already want to book again and it was their first time out with me.


Family Catches 50 VT Bass Fish

Today was chaos fish getting reeled in nonstop put over 50 bass on the boat today one of the best days I’ve ever had with two clients. John has been with me before and he brought his father this time. these guys were joking with each other all day long reminded of my pops and…


We Caught Over 30 Bass Fish Today!

Had an amazing 3 days on the water with Chris. We had over 30 fish each day. Here’s a few photos of some beautiful bass. We still got lots more trips to go. See you in a few more days buddy.


Zach Crushed it Fishing Today

Zach had his first tour the other day and did awesome, he put over 20 fish on the boat and made sam and Dan really happy.


Great Day VT Fishing With Chris

Another great day with Chris. He’s definitely a great friend that books multiple tours every year. Lots of beautiful fish today.


12 VT Bass Fish Caught By This Group

Another awesome trip today. Really love seeing this group of guys every year, can’t wait till next year. watching these guys grow/excel is awesome. Stewart and Ian had a little competition going and it ended up in a tie with 12 fish apiece in a 4hr trip.


Nick and His Dad Caught Over 30 VT Bass Fish

Put over 30 bass on the boat today with Nick and his father. Look forward to seeing these guys every year.


Say Hi to Zach and affiliate captain!

Say HI to Zach an affiliate captain of stay bent fishing tours. Zach will be in the 14’ crestliner and able to take two people. Looks like he did pretty good today.


Nothing But Big Bass Fish!


Smash Fest VT Fishing with Chris and Rachel