Our Latest Fishing Trips


The Cogswell Brothers put the smackdown on Bass Fishing Today!

The cogswell brothers and I put the smack down on the smallmouth bass today!!! So awesome we can still get together a few times a year!!! Talk soon boys!! Jake Cogswell! #amphibiaeyegear #duckettfishing #lunkercityfishing #wootungstenprostaff


May 19 – Great Day Fishing Smallmouth Bass

Another great day to a really busy week, pretty much all my weekends are gone all the way till the end of June. Lots of big smallmouth today.


May 21 Fishing Lake Morey Fishing Bass in VT

Lake Morey was on fire today, lots of boats out there but that didn’t stop us from putting an easy 40 bass on the boat. one of the clients was happy as could be he had never experience smallmouth. one of the clients was happy as could be he had never experience smallmouth spawning and…


Vermont Old Boys Club Fishing Lake Fairlee

Lake Fairlee was great to us today, had a group of some good old Vermont boys. Awesome day.


Personal Best For Clients Fishing in Vermont

Perfect way to end a busy week with a returning client, Chris even put his personal best smallmouth bass on the boat


My All Time Favorite Tournament Scale

I had to order a backup. They’re nice and easy for keeping track of your fish. Fish on! The Touch Screen Scale adds ease and convenience to weighing and tracking your catch. Large digital scale is packed with features, yet intuitive in use. Displaying weight in lbs./oz., decimal lbs. or kg., easily record and determine…


VT Spring Fishing: Fish Were Biting This Morning

Fish were biting this morning, did a little Brook and river fishing. Crazy to think that the first tour is only a week and a half away, can’t wait. Book a tour with one of Vermont’s best fishing guides!! you don’t catch fish I don’t get paid.


Beautiful Day on The VT Ice Fishing


Nine VT Fishing Tips To Help You Catch Fish!

Nine VT Fishing Tips that may help you catch a lot more fish next time you go out. We don’t guarantee you’ll catch fish on your own, but these tips will help you become a better fisherman. Fishing is about more than fishing. It’s about unwinding and enjoying nature. It’s about leaving the stress behind…


Get Out The Ice Cleats and Get VT Ice Fishing

Pops and I put our ice cleats on and did some serious exploring today little over 3 1/2 miles of walking and drilling holes. Pops caught some beautiful fish today and it was his first time ever catching them on a jig rod. I had 6 total, pops had 4 and we definitely both lost…


Moving The Shanty Off Vermont Ice

Another beautiful day on the ice, these guys came up from mass and had an absolute blast they even booked a summer trip. After the tour I pulled the shanty off the ice. Time to chase some lake trout a little bit. #duckettfishing #darntoughsocks #Amphibiaeyegear #lunkercityfishing #wootungsten #humminbirdfishing


First Time VT Ice Fishing From Brazil

Been another busy week, was this groups first time ice fishing and the older gentleman had never ice fished, stood on ice or even seen snow. he was from Brazil. so glad they got to put a couple northern pike on the ice. Only a couple more trips this weekend and it’s time to put…

shanty fishing

Sneak Peek Inside The Shanty Fishing In Vermont

Sneak peek inside the Shanty. #duckettfishing#darntoughsocks#lunkercityfishing#Amphibiaeyegear#humminbirdfishing#wootungsten


DeeAnn Daite Caught A Beautiful VT Pike

DeeAnn Daite caught a beautiful Northern Pike on the jig rod today. She played the battle just right with a two pound test. Great Job DeeAnn!


Warm Weather Blast In Vermont Makes For Early Bass Fishing

Bass Fishing is here! All this warm weather is got me thinking about the spring, calendars are already starting to fill up fast for 2022, If you’re looking for Vermont’s amazing spring fishing!!! start thinking about booking now. You don’t catch fish I don’t get paid!!! Come fish with one of Vermont’s best fishing guides…


Got some new Plano Edge Boxes

Got some new Plano edge boxes 3700’s with the water wick and dry lock seal!! They look awesome, can’t wait to put them to use!!! #duckettfishing #Amphibiaeyegear #wootungsten #humminbirdfishing #plano


Beautiful Brown Trout Ice Fishing


Large Group Bass Fishing Trip VT

Another amazing day with a big group of awesome people. Definitely a day I won’t be forgetting for a while…. lots of laughing going on today and some action on the fishing rods as well.


More Fun On The Ice | Winter Ice Fishing In Vermont

More fun on the ice!!!! We caught over 50 perch and kept a little over 20. Our clients will be eating good tonight. #duckettfishing #humminbirdfishing #wootungsten #Amphibiaeyegear #lunkercityfishing #campbrookbaitshop


VT Ice Fishing Season 2021

Loving this cold weather. #Amphibiaeyegear #duckettfishing #wootungsten #lunkercityfishing


December 15, Winter Vermont Winter Ice Fishing

I really was hoping for some colder weather next week. We are getting lots and lots of requests for ice fishing th is year. #duckettfishing #wootungsten #amphibiaeyegear #lunkercityfishing #2021icefishing


These Big Baits Rock!

Definitely put some nice fish on the boat with the big baits this weekend, didn’t catch a lot of them but the ones I did catch helped a lot. It’s that time of year!! #Amphibiaeyegear #duckettrods #lunkercityfishing #wootungstenprostaffhad #skeeterboats


Kristin and Brother Caught Personal Best

Another great day doing the most fun job in the world. Kristin and her brother both caught their personal best largemouth bass today!! Man I love days like this. Tight lines to all!


Pre-Fishing For VT Bass Tournament

Did a little pre-fishing for a tournament next weekend and man I hope we can find these fish again best day of 2021 for me all year 5 lbs. 4 oz. smallmouth and a 6 lbs. 13 oz. largemouth Rachel‘s biggest bass was 5 lbs. 6 oz. We had over 23 pounds today five fish.…


Can’t Get Enough Fishing


Best Buds Caught More Fish Than Me!

Another great day on the water with my two best buds, Rachel kicked Mason and I but today she caught 14 bass, Mason caught 10 and I caught 10!! Was such a fun day having a little friendly competition on the boat lots of laughing going on that’s for sure. Wouldn’t trade days like this…


Fished With Stephanie and Her Dad

Fished with Stephanie and her dad today. Really fun and awesome people, I felt bad when we didn’t get lots of fish today that cold front last night really slowed things down for me. of course, when I have awesome clients it Has to be a tough fishing day but they were so professional about…


Pops and I Found Monster VT Bass Fish

Pops and I found the big VT Bass Fish today and lot of them. It’s always great to be on the boat with the old man, he even got the biggest bass today.


Windy Day Fishing Vermont Bass

Tuff windy day. Still found some fish, here was the biggest one


Bass Fishing Lake Dunmore, Vermont

Another great day on Lake Dunmore with an awesome family, the girls kicked butt today. They let the boys catch a few but the girls put a monster pike on the boat and a smallmouth weighing in at 4 lbs. 12 oz.


Great Day on the Water Fishing With Kiddos

Another great day on the water, I just love getting kids even more hooked on the great outdoors and that was definitely happening today. Lots of fish caught yes there were lots of little ones but we also got some Beautiful ones.


Nine Year Old Catches a Ton of Fish

Been very busy lately, I just had to take time to share these beautiful photos today definitely one happy little girl. Nine years old and she caught everyone of these fish on her own casting, jigging everything!!! Love getting kids into the great outdoors and watching them excel from not being able to cast all…


Sticking With Fishing and the Catch!

Fished lake Dunmore today and I actually found a few good fish, for some reason in the middle of the summer this lake always gets tough. But these guys absolutely stuck with it and caught plenty of fish and lots of laughs today.


Daughters Catch Huge Bass Fish in VT

Another amazing day on the water, fished with duff and his two daughters and they absolutely smashed the bass today catching an easy 20 bass.


Amazing Day on the Water with Brandon

Another amazing day on the water, fished with Brandon Dyke today and he absolutely crushed the bass all morning long I think he’s got his dropshot technique dialed in!! Great job today man!!


Dontrell Crushed Largemouth Bass Fishing

Dontrell And I absolutely crushed the largemouth bass today and Pickerel lots and lots of fish caught today. Dontrell even let me catch a few!!! Love days like that.


Banana On Boat Didn’t Affect VT Bass Fishing

Oh man what a busy weekend and a great start to the week. Glad I got to share these photos from today was absolutely amazing day. Even the banana that got brought on the boat didn’t affect us lol.


Day Two: JD Family Fishing Trip in Vermont

Day 2 of 3 with JD and family, fish definitely made us work for them today hopefully tomorrow things will be better.


Day #1 – JD and Family VT Fishing Trip

Day 1 of 3 with JD and family . Another magical day on the water, we got real lucky today and found a bunch of big smallmouth bass. Happy happy clients today!! this is JD‘s 3rd time with me in the last few years!!


Client Brings Rattlesnake Prototype!

Got to love it when a repeat client brings you a prototype their friend invented. This kit is for installing rattles in small soft plastics. Going to work great for my dropshot and Ned Rigs, even going to try them in my swimbaits.


Jack Crushed VT Bass Fishing Today!

Man I just love my job!!!!! Jack and his father crushed the bass all morning long today, 4hrs of fishing and an easy 25 bass. Come fish with one of Vermonts best fishing guides. I have tons of lakes that get low pressure fishing.


3rd Place at 802 Open Fishing Tournament, VT

Thomas J Doyle Jr and I fished a 802 open tournament on Lake fairlee. We caught lots of fish and had a great day and managed a 3rd place finish. We lost one key fish that definitely would’ve put us in contention for the win. We knew with the way the fish were biting, that…


Lake Bomoseen Is One Of My Favorite VT Fishing Spots

Lake Bomoseen one of my favorite lakes gave us a run for our money today. All they caught was small fish except for one bass that was 5 lbs. 6 oz. that was Noel‘s personal best bass ever!!! I was enjoying those cloudy overcast days much better!!! And so we’re the fish!


Cancelled Tour Results in Huge Largemouth Bass!

Had A tour cancel because they thought it was going to rain, so pops and I went out on the same lake they were booked for and absolutely smashed the largemouth bass today. The two bass he’s holding together were his two biggest.


Father-Son Trip Caught 5lb Bass!

Father-son trip today and man did they smash the bass about 20 in 4hrs with a 5lb2oz largemouth lunker. Come fish with one of Vermonts best fishing guide you don’t catch fish I don’t get paid!!!! Now booking into the end of August!!!


Swimming Catching Fish! Only in Vermont

Any time, hopefully one of my clients will catch that someday, I swim her down to about 10/12 feet and the pressure held her down, she just had air in her stomach so she couldn’t get under the surface. Fish was Around 6lbs and probably anywhere from 8 to 12 years old.


3rd Place Finisher, Vermont Fishing Tournament

Rachel and I pulled off a 3rd place finish today on Lake Bomoseen 17lbs 10oz 5 fish. Was somewhat of a tough day especially with it raining for 8 hours straight!!! We lost a couple of key fish that would’ve put us over the 20-pound mark and in contention for the win but you can’t…


Cyrus Caught A Personal Best VT Fishing

Lake Dunmore father and son trip. Cyrus caught his personal best largemouth bass today. They caught some beautiful fish today. We didn’t get a lot but the ones we got were nice ones also lost a couple key fish at the boat but that’s part of fishing.


Fishing With Cody on Lake St. Catherine

Fished with Cody today on lake st. Catherine with the outcast anglers. Neither of us knew the lake very well and I hadn’t been there in at least 8 years but we managed to pull off a second place finish with just over 14 pounds with 5 fish.


Amazing Day VT Fishing With These Guys

Love my job more than anything, these guys had a memory of a lifetime that they will definitely not soon forget. Lots of big fish today. Only have two days available left for July come fish with one of Vermont best fishing guides.


Lake Bomoseen VT Fishing: Happy Faces

Lake bomoseen was today. I Just had to show these happy faces today, James and Charles caught 31 fish today. largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, rock bass and two Crappies. These guys did great together today working on their casting and crawling a Ned rig all day on the bottom. They even let dad catch a…


Kids Fishing In VT Had Time of Their Life

Amazing day on the boat, these kids were having the time of their life screaming fish on fish on all day even if it was weeds LOL. Both of them caught their biggest bass ever with me today. By the end of the day all they were saying is dad you have to buy a…