News and Tips For Fishing Vermont Lakes and Streams

Fishing Lake Morey, Vermont With Richard and Son.

By Keith / July 30, 2020

What an amazing day on Lake Morey Richard and his son would’ve had over 17 pounds today of largemouth bass with five fish one fish was 4.4 pounds and another one was 4.6. Come fish with one of Vermont best fishing guides you don’t catch fish I don’t get paid. First three weeks in August…

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Lake Bomoseen Fishing Rocked!

By Keith / July 24, 2020

Lake Bomoseen got the hurting put on this am. Rachel and I were on fire here’s 4 bass over 4 pounds. The biggest one was a large mouth I got 4 lbs. 6 oz. We love mornings like this.

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Florida Guys Experience Vermont Bass Fishing

By Keith / July 21, 2020

Another great day today on the Lake, these guys were from Florida,So I was a little nervous knowing their bass are twice the size of Vermont’s bass but I Showed them we still have some pig large mouth and monster smallmouth. These guys put 2 fish on the boat over 5 pounds today, man I…

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VT Fishing Big Win

By Keith / July 18, 2020

Wyatt Ulman And I brought home the win today. It was our second tournament for the Connecticut River Valley bass masters.Launched from St Albans and We had 17 lbs. 4 oz. with 5 fish and I got lunker with a 4 lbs. 7 oz. large mouth. The Skeeter did a great job taking big waves…

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Fun Day On Lake Fairlee, Vermont

By Keith / July 13, 2020

Fun day in the sun on lake fairlee. Glad the rain held off and I wish the fish would’ve read the script this morning but they were playing hard to get. That didn’t stop these guys cause they brought their A-game and stuck with it and manage to get on a few different groups of…

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July 11th: Great Time On VT Fishing Waters

By Keith / July 11, 2020

Another great time on the water! Michael Rodrigues and I put a hurting on the bass, pike and walleye. Mikes walleye was a little over 22 inches and a beautiful Vermont trophy.

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July 9th Fun Fishing Vermont waters

By Keith / July 9, 2020

Lake bomoseen at its best, caught lots of fish today largemouth and smallmouth bass. With the weather being so hot start times have been around 6 AM, we start the day off with some moving baits and then work the bottom with Jigs. My summer is filling up fast I’ve done over 40 tours with…

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July 4th Fun On The Water

By Keith / July 4, 2020

Another great day with an awesome couple. Caught trout, bass and pickerel today.

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July 3 Fishing Fun With This Family

By Keith / July 3, 2020

28 fish in four hours, man what a great day these guys all came with there game face on. They caught smallmouth & largemouth bass,Pickerel, rock bass and rainbow trout. Nothing better than getting kids involved in the outdoors just look at the smiles. Come fish with one of vermont’s best and most diverse fishing…

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Awesome Day With Awesome Family From NY!

By Keith / June 21, 2020

Another awesome day on the water with this awesome family from New York. Everyone on the boat was catching fish today and one of the kids even told me that it was the best day they’ve had all summer long. Man that makes me feel like a king. Love my job and sharing the outdoors…

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Another Beautiful Day On The Water

By Keith / June 19, 2020

Another great day on the water. Put a bunch of bass on the skeeter. Get out on Vermont’s beautiful waters and fish with one of Vermont’s Best Guides.

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Huge Tournament Pike Today

By Keith / June 18, 2020

Great day on the water got my biggest rod and reel Pike to date 14 lbs. 4 oz. and Wyatt Ulman and I finished third in our 1st Connecticut River Valley bassmasters tournament of the year. Was a tough day but we found a few hungry ones, it was a very tight race between 4th…

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Another Great Day On The Water

By Keith / June 18, 2020

Another beautiful day on the water, with another awesome family. this is my third year in a row with Brian and his family

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Great Day Fishing With Nick and Julie.

By Keith / June 15, 2020

Been very busy on the water. Nick and Julie were some great kids today. I had an awesome time today and so did they. Don’t forget to book your tours with one of Vermont’s Best Fishing Guides.

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Birthday Girl Crushed It!

By Keith / June 8, 2020
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Fishing With Anthony and Jeff Today

By Keith / June 5, 2020

Fished with Anthony and Jeff today and these guys crushed it, they definitely know the ins and outs of fishing putting around 30 fish on the boat. post spawn fishing is here and the fish are definitely trying to feed up. book your tours with one of Vermont’s best guides.

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May 31st: Crazy Wind Catching

By Keith / May 31, 2020

Went out early this morning before the wind got too crazy, caught quite a few fish and even found a few big girls.

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May 27th: Lake Bomoseen Is On Fire

By Keith / May 27, 2020

Lake Bomoseen is on fire, caught my biggest largemouth bass I’ve caught in a long time. 6 lbs. 15 oz. caught a bunch of fish today. Come fish with one of Vermont’s best fishing guides.

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May 25th: David Crushed The Smallmouth Bass

By Keith / May 25, 2020

Great day at the office, David absolutely crushed the smallmouth bass putting his personal best in his hands 4lb9oz. Easily put 20 bass on the boat in 4 hours. Today it was all about the finesse techniques throwing small crayfish imitation Baits on 8lb line.The power poles were key today keeping us in one spot…

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May 23rd Rachel Crushed It

By Keith / May 23, 2020

Rachel absolutely crushed it today, love this time of year when you only have to go out for 4/5 hours to get a bunch of fish.

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Fishing With Wyatt!

By Keith / May 21, 2020

Great 4hrs on the lake with Wyatt Ulman. Thanks for the boat ride bud.

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May 20th Back At It Again

By Keith / May 20, 2020

Wyatt Ulman and I got back at it again this evening. We tried a different lake and got the same results, crushed the smallmouth bass.

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Mason Crushed Fishing Today

By Keith / May 15, 2020

Another beautiful day on the water, finally a great spring day. Today Mason and Jeff putt walleye,smallmouth bass,largemouth bass and northern pike on the boat. Just like last year once Jeff got his rhythm down he caught fish after fish. The water is warming up and soon the fish will be on beds. Book your…

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Up and Running! Book Your Tours!

By Keith / May 3, 2020

Rachel wanted to go up to the big lake and chase around those brown fish and man did we crush them, over 40 bass. Lots of 2 1/2 pounders but there was some big girls in the mix.

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Totally Crushed It Today!

By Keith / April 29, 2020

Awesome day on the big lake, totally crushed it. easy 20 bass in 4 hours.

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5lb 5oz on the Spot Bass

By Keith / April 21, 2020
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Fishing With Your Best Friend

By Keith / April 19, 2020

Beautiful day with my favorite person in the world, she always seems to out fish me

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April 14, 2020: Great Day Fishing With Wyatt

By Keith / April 14, 2020

Beautiful day today on the water. Wyatt Ulman crushed it today his 3 biggest smallmouth were all over 4lbs. Biggest one was 4lb9oz.

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April 3, 2020 Great Start To The Season

By Keith / April 3, 2020

Lunker city fishing grubster 2.75 and the 3.25 shaker fooled these walleye, Fishing rod was a Diawa Aird X ML 7ft and reel was Diawa legalis LT 2500. come fish with one of Vermont’s best fishing guides. You don’t catch fish we don’t get paid

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First Open Water Fish of The Season

By Keith / March 31, 2020

First open water fish for me of the season. Man it felt so good after reeling in a few stick fish!!!

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