News and Tips For Fishing Vermont Lakes and Streams

1st Place At Connecticut River Valley Bassmasters!

By Keith / October 4, 2020

Wyatt Ulman And I pulled off another 1st place finish today, We will definitely win AOY now In the Connecticut River Valley Bassmasters.

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Monster VT Pike Caught Today

By Keith / September 28, 2020

Another beautiful day on the water, client put a monster Pike on the boat today

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Lake Morey VT Bass Fishing With Ben

By Keith / September 26, 2020

Another beautiful day on Lake Morey. Ben Schulz caught some beautiful fish today. today we were skipping docks with a wacky worm and it didn’t take long for Ben to get his technique down and reel in some big ones.

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Rachel Crushed The VT Bass Fish Today!

By Keith / September 25, 2020

Awesome day on the big puddle. Rachel Staples and I absolutely crushed the bass today. Lots of big fish caught, Rachel was swinging them in the boat left and right.

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VT Bass Fishing Lake Morey

By Keith / September 24, 2020

Another great day, fished lake Morey today and put these guys on some beautiful fish a couple of the bass were even personal best for them. largemouth bass Are definitely feeding heavy, smallmouth are still deep but they’re not far behind. You don’t catch fish I don’t get paid. Come fish with one of Vermont…

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Another Win Today on Lake Bomoseen

By Keith / September 20, 2020

Wyatt Ulman And I pulled off another win today, we fished lake Bomoseen and had 20lb2oz with 5 fish and we got lunker with a 5lb8oz large mouth. Plus we had a another largemouth that was 5 lbs. 7 oz. Man what a day, love days like this. Everything about our plan worked perfectly and…

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1st Place Finish on Lake Hortonia

By Keith / September 13, 2020

Wyatt Ulman and I pulled off the 1st place finish on lake Hortonia with 16lb 4oz bag with 5 fish And neither of us had even been there before. Our tournament was scheduled for Lake Champlain but got canceled due to strong winds and with the short notice of tournament being moved to Lake Hortonia…

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Wyatt Ulman is The Man Fishing!

By Keith / September 8, 2020

Another awesome time on the water with Wyatt Ulman. Sometimes it’s fun to fish for something a little different especially after you already caught some beautiful bass & got your pattern down. These sheepshead were a great change of pace that’s for sure.

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VT Bass Fishing Lake Bomoseen

By Keith / September 6, 2020

Lake Bomoseen Was definitely giving us a hard time today but we still manage to put some beautiful fish on the boat.

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2nd Place on Lake Bomoseen

By Keith / September 5, 2020

Rachel and I pulled off the 2nd place finish today on Lake Bomoseen. fished a open tournament with outcast anglers, They were great group of guys was about 13 boats. That’s three tournaments in a row that Rachel has placed in the money go babe. hopefully there’s still a few biting for the tour tomorrow.

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September, VT Fishing

By Keith / September 1, 2020

Another great day on the water!

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802 Bass Crew

By Keith / August 30, 2020

The pretty lady and I fished an open for 802 Bass Crew on Lake Fairlee and pulled off a 3rd place finish out of 13 boats. Congratulations to Terry and Jon for the second place finish and Dan and Cole for the first place finish. Top three spots were within tenths of each other. Congrats…

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Nicole and Jessica Crushed VT Fishing

By Keith / August 28, 2020

Nicole and Jessica absolutely crushed it today put an easy 20 largemouth on the boat. These ladies were definitely master angler’s and it showed with their casting ability and finesse techniques working a drop shot. Nicole’s father wasn’t far behind them catching some beautiful fish.

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Tough Day On Lake Dunmoore

By Keith / August 27, 2020

Today was a very tough day on Lake Dunmore, not sure if it was the cold front or just one of those days. Still manage to put some fish on the boat but a few more wouldn’t of hurt. These were our biggest fish. Back at it again tomorrow.

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Free Fishing Day With Dad

By Keith / August 22, 2020

Finally got a free day to fish with my dad, it’s been a while for him and he showed me he still had his smallmouth bass finesse technique down.

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Lake Morey Fishing With These Kids

By Keith / August 18, 2020

Just had to share this trip, another great day on Lake Morey. the kids were having a blast catching monster largemouth bass. Even after our tournament Sunday on Lake Morey we were still able to put a lot of fish on the boat today. Come fish with one of Vermont best fishing guides. You don’t…

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1st Place-Connecticut Valley Bassmasters!

By Keith / August 16, 2020

Fished another club tournament for Connecticut River Valley bassmasters and Wyatt Ulman and I pulled off another win. This was a two day tournament with combined Weights from each day, one day lake fairlee other day Lake Morey. We had a combined weight of just over 26 pounds, just over 10 pounds on lake fairlee…

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Lake Bomoseen – Big Fish Catch

By Keith / August 13, 2020

Back at it again today, didn’t catch a lot of fish but the big ones were playing, largemouth bass was 5.5 pounds and the northern pike was just over 12 pounds.

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Working The Net Rig

By Keith / August 12, 2020

Putting the ned rig to work in 30ft of water. @zmanfishingproducts 1/5oz with Zman TRD smelt color.

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Rocking The Rock Bass!

By Keith / August 10, 2020

Another great day. Caught a few bass and tons of rock bass kids had a great day, I should’ve taken a few more photos.

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Fourth Trip-Incredible Day

By Keith / August 7, 2020

4th trip this week & Another incredible day, I fished with Michael and his 8 year old son today. Michael put his personal best bass in his hands today at 5 lbs. 3 oz. and so did his boy 4 lbs. 3oz. two personal bests in one day love days like this big fish,beautiful sunrise…

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Second Place At Lake Bomoseen

By Keith / August 1, 2020

Wyatt Ulman and I pulled off a 2nd place finish today on Lake Bomoseen. The skeeter handled great Between all the Jetske‘s and party boats the lake was a madhouse 2/3 foot waves all day, we still manage to get 17.02lbs with 5 fish. Great work Wyatt for putting the 2 big girls on the…

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Fishing Lake Morey, Vermont With Richard and Son.

By Keith / July 30, 2020

What an amazing day on Lake Morey Richard and his son would’ve had over 17 pounds today of largemouth bass with five fish one fish was 4.4 pounds and another one was 4.6. Come fish with one of Vermont best fishing guides you don’t catch fish I don’t get paid. First three weeks in August…

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VT Fishing Was Tough, But They Rocked It!

By Keith / July 28, 2020

Well after the day JD had last week he just had to come back. Fishing was a little tougher today with the wind and the rain but we still found them. Couldn’t find that Vermont state record monster today, That’s OK he’ll just be bigger next time.

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Fire, Fire, Fire, Look At That Fish

By Keith / July 26, 2020
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Rachel Staples Got A Personal Best!

By Keith / July 24, 2020

Rachel Staples put her personal best bass on the boat this evening for 2020. It was around 6lbs scale was jumping around a little.

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Lake Bomoseen Fishing Rocked!

By Keith / July 24, 2020

Lake Bomoseen got the hurting put on this am. Rachel and I were on fire here’s 4 bass over 4 pounds. The biggest one was a large mouth I got 4 lbs. 6 oz. We love mornings like this.

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Florida Guys Experience Vermont Bass Fishing

By Keith / July 21, 2020

Another great day today on the Lake, these guys were from Florida,So I was a little nervous knowing their bass are twice the size of Vermont’s bass but I Showed them we still have some pig large mouth and monster smallmouth. These guys put 2 fish on the boat over 5 pounds today, man I…

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Lake Champlain Fishing Win

By Keith / July 19, 2020

Rachel and I pulled another win today, back to back for me on Lake Champlain, today we had just over 15 pounds with 5 fish. Today was very strong South winds, But the Skeeter handled the 3ft/4ft waves pretty good, plus I also got lunker again. It’s So awesome having a beautiful girl to tournament…

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VT Fishing Big Win

By Keith / July 18, 2020

Wyatt Ulman And I brought home the win today. It was our second tournament for the Connecticut River Valley bass masters.Launched from St Albans and We had 17 lbs. 4 oz. with 5 fish and I got lunker with a 4 lbs. 7 oz. large mouth. The Skeeter did a great job taking big waves…

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