Vermont Fishing Guide Tips: Bass Angler Basics

Let’s face it, fishing can be a challenge. The question that every angler has is “how do i catch more fish?”. It is a simple question, but not a simple answer. Here are some of the top fishing tips you need to know to get more Bass fish on the line.

Find Cover, It’s Where They Live

The most important factor in bass fishing is putting your lure where the fish are. Cover comes in many different forms including rocks, wood, boat docks, lily pads, grass and a lot more. Bass love to hang out in the cover because it helps to conceal them so they can ambush their prey. There are times that Bass will roam the open water, but they prefer the cover.

Match The Hatch For VT Bass Fish

Bass fish are savages! Their diet is very broad and can range from baitfish like shad to bluegill and even baby ducks. It’s important to match your lure to the type of bait that Bass in your area are eating. If Bass are feeding on shad, throw a silver-colored crankbait or swimbait. A dropshot rig with a small plastic may be a great option if you are not sure here in Vermont.

Be Versatile Vermont Angler

One of the biggest pitfalls of a bass angler is being only one dimensional. Don’t fish one spot all the time, try different spots and different types of bait. Learn new techniques and types of baits. If you are fishing dirty water, try a jig or spinnerbait. If you are on a lake with clear water try a dropshot. Go outside your comfort zone and try something new.

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